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Prof. Abhishek Mishra

Dr. Abhishek Mishra is a faculty member at IIM, Indore in the Marketing Area and Chair of the Industry Interface Office. He is an IIT Roorkee graduate and in his experience, Prof Mishra has worked as a management consultant for Holcim, the Swiss giant cement maker, followed by Kantar-IMRB as a research consultant.

He then had short stint in academics before he undertook his Ph.D. from IIM Lucknow. He joined IIM Indore after completing his PhD and his current research interest lies in the area of innovation, product management and new product development. He has already published multiple research papers, all of them in leading marketing journals. He has also presented his works at premium international marketing conferences like those organized by the American Marketing Association and the Academy of Marketing Science.

He currently teaches courses like Marketing Research and Product Management and New Product Development IIM Indore. He has additional Ph.D. level courses on Latent Variable Modelling and Fuzzy Sets. He is also the Research Chair at IIM Indore.

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