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International Immersion by MICA Students & Faculty

International Immersion by MICA Students & Faculty

Published: November 14, 2018 | Pic: MICA faculties and students posing with MSU faculties and students, along with Dean, MICA…
MICA hosts its first Startup Showcase event of the year

MICA hosts its first Startup Showcase event of the year

Ahmedabad, June 27, 2017 A Startup Showcase event was organized by MICA Incubator to promote entrepreneurial energies of budding entrepreneurs,…
MICA welcomes new batch of students

MICA welcomes new batch of students

Ahmedabad, June 21, 2017 MICA, Ahmedabad - India’s premier institute for Strategic Marketing and Communication, welcomed the 24th batch of…

Ahmedabad, November 2, 2015

MINCANVAS 2015, the flagship marketing festival of MICA drew to a close last evening with an enchanting musical feast at the lawns in the MICA campus at Shela. The three day event drew a crowd of over 200 students from across the country, from some of the best B-Schools in India, including IIM Ahmedabad, Great Lakes, SIBM, SIMC Pune, JBIMS, NMIMS and Delhi College Of Commerce, who gathered to test their marketing mettle. With interesting marketing based events, an adrenaline pumping NBA Jam, fun informal events organized in association with sponsors and soul-lifting high-profile performances to keep the nights alive, MICANVAS 2015 catered to everyone.

Day One, Friday, was characterized by the exciting NBA Jam on campus, which welcomed world renowned NBA star Mr. Jason Richardson for the first time, and an enriching panel discussion, ‘MindSpeak’, which saw eminent personalities from different segments of the industry come together to participate in a lively discussion about disruptive innovation.

The NBA JAM, a half court 3 on 3 basketball league, this year, featured about 80 teams from various cities. Simultaneous matches were played on 3 half courts which were constructed by the NBA team. Jason Richardson, a former NBA star for the past 14 years, was the main highlight of the day’s event.

The MindSpeak event began with a keynote address by Mr. Manish Vij, Chief Executive Officer at SVG Media. Mr. Vij is also a renowned advisor and investor in various Consumer, Internet and Digital Media Start-Ups. In his address, Mr. Vij recounted several cornerstones in his illustrious and daring career.

KanikaBains, head of social media marketing at Paytm, highlighted the importance of social media by stressing that true disruption begins with connecting to people and inspiring them.Mr. Ajay Bathija, marketing manager at Coca Cola, spoke about how Coca Cola, historically has symbolized disruption. “People can see through flippant initiatives. Coke Studio has been able to drive conversations because of the purpose it embodies. In today’s age, brands are owned by the people- that’s how marketing is evolving,” he said.

The event, which took place for over two and a half hours, served to inform and emphasize the power of disruptive thinking in business and its effective across several business structures, from startups to corporations.

Last Manager Standing, a flagship event of MICANVAS kicked off with the first one of its several rigorous rounds. An event which tests the managerial skills of the participants and their thinking abilities, this year's participation has contributions from premier B schools like IIM Ahmedabad, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, NMIMS, JBIMS , Delhi School of Economics etc.

The second day of MICA’s flagship marketing festival, MICANVAS 2015 began at midnight, as students trickled in to the Open Air Theater in the campus to participate in the Halloween celebrations organized jointly by MICANVAS and LitComm, the student-run literary committee of MICA. The event featured fun games and activities where students in teams of two or three competed against each other to take home a cash prize.

The day featured two exciting quizzes, organized in association withMiQuest, the student-run Quizzing Club at MICA. Itkickstarted with SpEnt Quiz, a sports and entertainment quiz.Around 40 odd teams from various premier colleges across the country Participated in the Sports and Entertainment quiz. Only 6 teams qualified for the mains after a gruelling prelim round involving a wide array of topics from tennis to cricket and football in sports, films, songs, album covers, and video-games in entertainment.

The second quiz was the highly anticipated BrandWidth quiz.
Brands are a vital part of a marketing student’s life and we can never know enough about them. The quiz had trivia from across the globe with one preliminary round and 3 more rounds with increasing difficulty levels. The quiz was a mix of audio, video, and textual questions. Teams from across campuses in India participated in this event

While students were testing their general knowledge, a fun and enjoyable game of Angry Balloons unfolded at the Throwball Court. Teams of five competed against each other in this water-balloon throwing game, modelled after the famous android game, ‘Angry Birds.’

Cultify, an event that challenges candidates to create and build an Indian Cult brand, saw heavy participation. The event had two rounds, one where participants had to identify opportunities and threats to a brand and a second round where they chose a brand and designed strategies to make it a cult phenomenon.

As the afternoon faded into a cool evening, students gathered in the Mani Aiyer Auditorium to participate in an innovative event, ‘Startup Monopoly.’ The rules of the event were such that teams from across the country presented their startup ideas and business plans, while the audience played the role of investors, dealing with virtual money. Several interesting ideas ranging from sports tourism to apps to maintain medical records were presented and ‘investors’ engaged with the participants putting forward pertinent questions to the candidates. Prizes were given to the best startup plan and to the best investor.

Other events included ‘Tagline’, a fun quiz organized in association with MICAVAANI, MICA’S student-run radio station, which  featured questions regarding brands and taglines associated with them.

But the highlight of the evening was Critical Mass- the stand-up comedy act by Sorabh Pant and SapanVerma from East India Comedy and the EDM concert by Dualist Inquiry. The show started at around 7:30 at the football ground in the MICA campus filled with eager students and visitors from outside. The show lasted for around two hours and the comedy duo went the whole distance, cracking hilarious jokes about the MICAn life, politics, culture and regional stereotypes.

Following this performance, MICAns were in for a stellar concert by Dualist Inquiry, one of the leading EDM artists in India. They started the night with some of their most popular tracks. The concert was energetic and had the students dancing throughout. “EDM is very popular with our generation. It was a memorable experience to attend Dualist Inquiry in concert at MICA”, said RonikaRaiSarin, a PGP-1 student at MICA. The concert ended with some of the students going up on stage to dance with the performers themselves.

Day three began energetically, with two events that define the flavor of MICANVAS. Metrotopia was an event where students had to create superheroes out of anti-heroes through a PR Campaign. The PR Campaign had to detail the campaign channels and the budget for the image build-up.

The event saw teams from across several colleges participate. Participants came up with superheroes fighting crimes across the spectrum while channeling their rage and secret powers. The PR Campaigns had interesting digital, conventional and on ground activations, as students exercised their imaginations to the fullest extent.

Other fun events on campus included an ‘ice-creamathon’ done in association with Vadilal ice-creams and ‘Biscuit Jenga’ with Parle. Students pitted themselves against each other in nerve-raking competitions like ‘I Ambush’, which gave the students a unique opportunity to learn the ropes of ambush marketing using print, TV and internet as channels.

The ‘Propaganda’ finale was between 4 teams. Topic was about youth losing interest in joining politics, how they can be made to aspire to do the same and how advertising can make a difference in this.The campaigns presented included target group analysis, media buying,ad viewership etc.

The last round of MICA’s flagship ‘Last Manager Standing’, took place in a packed Mani Aiyer Auditorium, with six final contestants from IIM Ahmedabad, JBIMS and MICA. It was a testing group interview round, where candidates were made to pitch for themselves and were put in tricky situations and judged upon how they managed to provide real-time solutions to them. At the end of the final round, PrateekTrehan, a first year PGDM student from MICA was adjudged as the ‘Last Manager Standing’ and took home a cash reward of INR 1,00,000.

MICANVAS 2015’s swansong was a brilliant musical performance by Sachin-Jigar and Priya, playing at ‘Adrenaline’, a musical evening at MICA. The crowd swooned to their awe-inspiring performance, as the team performed several Bollywood hits ranging from ‘Bezubaan’, ‘Gulabi’, ‘Saibo’ to ‘Piya O Re Piya’. The trio spoke to the hearts of the college students, celebrating friendship, love, relationships and family. Students danced to some of the beats, were moved in some others and sang along in chorus for yet other numbers.

About MICA

Established in 1991, MICA is the first residential institute in the country and perhaps in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication.

Its spirit lies in its grasping of contemporariness, addressing the needs of an ever-changing environment. The MICA brand assures effective delivery of Strategic Marketing and Communication solutions to the industry, government and community.

Today, it is the alma mater of professionals serving in leadership positions in some of the best known companies in India and the world, in marketing, brand management, research & analytics, advertising, media, digital and other strategic marketing and communication-driven businesses.

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