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I was always impressed by MICA as a school. It has always been home to amazingly talented students and faculty members.My decision to join MICA was majorly influenced by my belief in the institute, its ideology and my mentor and former director of MICA Prof AS Kulkarni. Prof Kulkarni helped me find my feet in my career. Also, my co-researchers who are alumni of IIMA spoke highly about MICA.

The institute’s logo, the approach it takes to education is all reflective of its belief in excellence. My decision to join MICA was also influenced by its shift in mission (Vision 2020) – which focused on global relation in strategic communication and marketing. I found that the institute’s new mission was similar to my beliefs and goals.

Lastly, as an alumnus of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, there is a strong social connect. MICA taught about triple bottom line – people, profit and planet. Marketing and communication is critical component in driving social change.


There are two very important requirements: brand needs to be strong and it has to be sustainable in terms of revenue and growth. This needs organizational support, and a plan to meaningfully engage with industry, add to curriculum and enhances brand integrity. At MICA, the two-year programme are crucial and the critical point will be to strengthen it. Three things -- revisiting (reviewing) the programme, benchmarking it with global trend and integrating the programme with industry standards will be crucial. Secondly, creating global connect is very important. Students should be exposed to best global practices so that it increases their chances of getting into the best colleges/schools across the globe. Another focus area is strong Faculty Development Program (FDP).

Also important is to leverage technology. MICA has good infrastructure. It has got online programme as well.

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