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Published: August 30, 2017 | Ahmedabad Mirror | Ishani Parikh

Illustrator, animator, copywriter and cartoonist... That is one impressive CV. Abhijeet Kini, who was at MICA for a workshop, in conversation with Mirror

Comic books are fun, comic books are nostalgia, and comic books are visual delight. And it is a fantastic insight into the world of comics when you meet someone who creates them.

Cartoonist Abhijeet Kini gave participants at his workshop at MICA a peek into his comic world. Kini spoke to Mirror before the session, here are excerpts from the interview:

We quickly read up on Fanboys, and must we say we are fangirls already! The storyline is interesting and living in Ahmedabad and not having a Comic Con here, we can relate to the characters.

Fanboys is a funny little story focussing on fanboy culture, comics and more. I always base my stories in reality, and then add a twist to them. You can find fanboys anywhere around you. I always wanted to draw something that we see in our daily lives whether in college or roadside. I just write crazy stuff.

How does a story, an original story, come to mind? There is so much of plagiarism going on right now with everything available at the click of a mouse. How difficult is it to not be inspired or stay original?

Be original when it comes to this medium. Not only this medium, but you should be original when you are doing something different from others. I think good writers have to look around and create stories from there because when we go out and see people, we can create some humour and seriousness from there only. I do the same thing I go out, observe people and create something from that. Keep your eyes open wherever you go.

Tell us about the workshop and the facets you will be covering in it. Tell us about your inspirations.

In 60 minutes of the session, I am going to talk about how I made my comics and how I create humour. After the session, participants would tell their comic story. I was always a fan of cartoons and comic books. Maybe the exaggeration and the kind of imagination on display got me hooked. It's a very visual form of entertainment and I saw myself drawn to it from a very young age and read lots of `Mad' magazines.

Is talent inborn or can it be nurtured?

I can measure it in ration like 75% to 80% is inborn and rest is nurtured. It is up to us how we use our talent because it is more important to draw that talent in the right direction.

Give five pointers for a newcomer, an amateur, who wants to get into creating comic books? If you would have been a comic book character (from your works or works of others), who would you have been and why?

I would have been a comic book character, I surely would have been Batman because he is super rich and smart. He is more like any human being who can deal with difficulties with smartness. He is my idol is all I can say. As for newcomers, the only thing I can say is follow your passion and create something new. Do not copy anyone.

Last question, how would you define a successful comic book writer?

When somebody comes up to you and says, `I have read your comic book and it is amazing', that is real success. A good writer only wants people to read hisher books, money is a secondary thing. When people begin to follow you and wait for your new book to come out, is how I'd define success.

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