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Published: DNA | March 13, 2016


MICA students will extend support to Stephanie Pena who has to raise 33,000 US$

Since January, this 27-year-old has been living in the campus of Shreyas Foundation, spending time with girls and learning about their ·lives. Stephanie Pena from SIT Graduate Institute in the US is in the city to raise funds to educate 76 girls studying at Shreyas Foundation . Till date, Pena has already raised US$17,000 but her target is to raise US$33,000 for her campaign 'Girls Teach Us'.

Shreyas Foundation had started a project called 'Girl Child Educa­tion Fund' to provide scholarships to girls belonging to socially disad­vantaged part of the society.

Sudha Pavan, outreach coor­dinator, Shreyas Foundation said, "We had about 50 girls when we had started the project but gradually the num­bers have started increasing due to which we need more funds. Each girl needs Rs25,000 for a year."

Speaking about her experience, Pena said, "I am closely working with the girls and have already visited their homes, shot a video and have been profiling one girl every week. I am also gaining insight into the pedagogy of Shreyas Foundation. We are accepting individual sponsors as well as relying on crowd-funding using Indiegogo, which is the largest global site for crowd-funding."

However, I realised that people here are very apprehensive when it comes to donating online. Hence, I discussed the same with students of MICA who helped me with ideas related to alter­native payment portal and will act as sup­port system to me in case of roadblocks. I will campaign at MICA soon."

"Stephanie was stuck after rais­ing US$17,000 on her own as donors were not comfortable using credit cards to make payment. Hence, we suggested her some alternatives along with more organisations to connect with ," said Achyut Daga, a MICA student.

MICA Dean Preeti Shroff who is also the consultant to this campaign said, "Girls teach us every day and the impact of a girl in the world is immeasurable. This campaign aims at empowering girls through education. The reason to connect MICA students with Stephanie is that I wanted MICA students to learn about the campaign and help Stephanie whenever she got stuck."

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