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MICANS Embark on Rural Immersion Programme

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Published: Ahmedabad Mirror | August 01, 2016



Sagun Nagar and his buddy Divyapreet Singh develop a mobile app to connect vehicle owners with mechanics

A vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere or at odd hours and the inability to locate a service station for help is every driver's nightmare come true. Add to these the lack of quality service, unavailability of high grade spare parts, and a vehicle owner's woes seem endless. In a bid to help this segment, MICA student Sagun Nagar (27) and friend Divyapreet Singh (26) developed the mobile application PitServe that helps users locate the closest service station or mechanic and avail their services.

The application -launched in Delhi and the NCR region in April 2015 -was designed with the aim of transforming the concept of automobile repair and service industry in the country. The duo plans to launch the application in Ahmedabad within the next three months.

Nagar, a PGP-1 student at MICA, says, “A vehicle is more than just a machine for its owner. With PitServe, we want to provide high quality, hassle free and quick automobile repair and maintenance services to users, irrespective of their situation and the location. We understand issues individuals face on a daily basis and aim to provide easy solutions to these.“ The concept of PitServe developed from Nagar's own experience. “I was driving through the city after midnight when my vehicle broke down and I realised there was no mechanic around to help me. Neither did I have the facility to contact a mechanic to bail me out. I realised that vehicle owners not only face emergency service issues but there is a lack of quality services even for regular services. The solution, after some brainstorming, was PitServe,“ the 27-year-old said. As per Nagar, Singh works full time on the mobile application.

The duo has developed an interface that is user friendly, said the MICA student. “The functionality can be explained in three easy steps: Add your vehicle, choose service category and select service station of your choice (made easier through ratings and reviews shared by other users). Almost all services can be availed through our Android app,“ he said.

The duo currently has a tieup with over 5,600 service stations in the Delhi and NCR region, where their app has been `welcomed with open arms.' “Market research and onfield data collection for the Ahmedabad setup will be wrapped up within the next two months. We hope to start local services for specific areas by the end of the second month,“ said Nagar.

The goal is to cover 99.99 per cent of Ahmadabad's market within a year, said the startup founder, adding, “We are not looking only at authorised and unauthorised service stations but also small puncture/service shops that do not have an online presence. PitServe is more like a healthcare program required if you want a long healthy life or your vehicle.“

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