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MICA Prof’s Study Shows Power Of Part-Time Work

MICA Prof’s Study Shows Power Of Part-Time Work

02 May 2018
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MICA PROF’S RESEARCH - ‘Indians will be loyal to herbal products’

MICA PROF’S RESEARCH - ‘Indians will be loyal to herbal products’

20 April 2018
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Airline branding is not about advertising, says study by MICA prof

Airline branding is not about advertising, says study by MICA prof

20 April 2018
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Published: August 29, 2016 | DNA

The institute recently hosted ‘Khula Aasman’ where students showcased their theatre skills with 11 plays

Theatre is an expression of life, and students of MICA expressed themselves well at the third edition of Khula Aasman, a platform to created and showcase their short plays. The event is organized by MICA’s student-run theatre committee Sankalp.

This year, 11 plays were produced by the students for Khula Aasman. The students acted, directed and produced the plays that touched various genres like the absurd, thrillers, social commentaries, satires, and various adaptations.

Monica Chandil, director of one of the plays, said, “Khula Aasman helped me hone my directorial skills. Also, the sheer anxiety and joy of watching your creation unfold on stage was a wonderful experience in itself.”

Slutty Savitri

The play has been directed by Bala Sai and Felix Joy. Elaborating on the play, Bala raised a few questions, “When does a woman become a slut? Is it along a progression of provocative dressing, an unabashed attitude and multiple sexual encounters? Or is it simply a deviation from society’s ideal of the ‘morally upright’ woman? Or does it draw equally from either of these questions that we often shy away from answering? And in the light of this, where does it leave us when we publicly shame those who refuse to play by the rules? Slutty Savitri is a short play that hopes to get its audience thinking on what the answers to these questions might be. It is the tale of Savitri and her hapless fall from grace.”

Lucknow Diaries

Another play named ‘Lucknow Diaries’ was inspired by true events. Directed by Ashutosh and Kumar Dattani, the story unfolds in Lucknow during the Rajiv Gandhi era. The play depicts the transitions of thoughts of a middle-aged maths professor Amol Gupta before and after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Vexed by the turmoil in the country, Gupta faces the choice of believing in the power of youth to transform the state of affairs. He is caught unawares by situations that are set to change his life.


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