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Institute decides to increase student intake, old courses revamped

With the new academic year, MICA, India’s premier management school for strategic marketing and communications has increased its intake, taking it to the full approved quota of 180 students. Not only this, the institute has also introduced new courses, of which two focus on the rural sector.

With the institute introducing ‘Marketing and Branding of Rural Products’ and ‘Rural marketing’ in the second year, it surely has added another feather to its endeavour to lend a helping hand in the social sector. Interestingly, the institute has also strengthened its ‘Centre for Development Management and Communication’ by taking up projects related to sanitation, hygiene, children’s issues, SEWA among others.

Confirming the same, Siddharth Deshmukh, associate dean, MICA said, “MICA has had an AICTE approval from 2010 for an intake of 180 students. However, we been taking only 160 students because of accommodation constraints in the hostel. We have now taken care of that by making a few adjustments. Hence we decided to take our full approved quota of 180 students.”

Madhukar Kamath, President, MICA said, “This is a part of our renewed focus on business management, strategic marketing, communication management, digital marketing & communication as well as media & entertainment management. There will be special focus on rural immersion and development communication projects in the new academic year.”

Focus on rural sector

This year, MICA has introduced two courses on rural marketing and branding of rural products. The rural immersion programme where students spend few weeks in a rural set-up will be headed by former director of IRMA LK Vasvani.


Two courses for first year students on ‘individual dynamics and interpersonal and group dynamics’ have been renamed to reflect the revised focus- ‘Effective leadership-1: understanding self and human behaviour’ and ‘Effective leadership-2: understanding interpersonal & group dynamics’. For first year students, a course on ‘Science technology, society and pricing’ has been introduced. Pricing, a one-credit course, was earlier offered as brand management specialisation course. This year it will be offered as a core course so that all the 4Ps of marketing are covered in the first year, officials said.


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