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MICA’s Annual Marketing Fest, MICANVAS concludes with an exhilarating concert by singers Amit Trivedi and Neeti Mohan. Read on!

MICA recMICANVAS 2ently conducted its three-day Annual Marketing Fest, , which saw a plethora of events every day. The events ranged from panel discussions by eminent industry professionals, competitions, workshops, lectures to concerts and various other informal events.

Numerous students of renowned B-schools participated in competitions and other events battling for various titles. However, the icing on the cake was the concert and battle of bands that led to two groovy evenings after days of mind-boggling competitions. Let us look at how MICANVAS shaped up and concluded to a great end.




The fest commenced with its flagship event of ‘Last Manager Standing’ that involved a multi-level competition (spread across three days) where participants were given managerial and business problems to tackle. It started with 18 participants from different B-schools across the country. This competition utilized a combination of presence of mind, negotiation skills and strategy. The winners were entitled to INR 1 lakh cash prize.

MICANVAS 1Later in the day, Subhash Tendle, an academic professor of the CCC programme at MICA, conducted a workshop on ‘Creative Communication’. It was a two-session workshop focusing on sensitizing the participants to power of visuals through presentations and exercises. The aim of the session was using creative talent to be a better manager.

Furthermore, Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India gave a piece of mind in the MindSpeak Session that was organized by MICA’s student-run committee ‘MICA Leadership Series’. He emphasized the importance of forming that ‘personal connect’, saying “the challenge of marketing is that people are telling stories in a world where everyone is a story teller. More stories will be created and made available to humankind today than on any other day in human history. Stories feel like stories only when there is a sense of authenticity to them.”

The day ended on a productive and learning note with eminent leaders showing a pathway to budding managers/entrepreneurs.


The second day had a series of interesting competitions lined up for the participants. The day began with a panel discussion on topic including ‘Datification of humans or humanization of data? Decoding the ‘me’ in the mecosystem.’ Panelists including Ankit Mehrotra, Co-Founder, Dine-out, Siddharth Adelkar, Consultant, ThoughtWorks and Bhooshan Shukla, Psychiatrist enlightened students about the relevance of personalized and experiential marketing.




The day had three competitions-

  • Gambit - Gambit was a competition that involved students in solving various cases in the domain of sports marketing. The judges included Aparna Ravichandran, Head-Partnerships at the GoSports Foundation and Sanjeev Tripathi, Professor at MICA.

  • Startup Monopoly - This competition challenged students to create and subsequently modify their startups according to the industry changes. Some of the judges were Rohit Sethi, Senior Software Engineer at Amazon India Pvt Ltd., Tejas Gusani, Founder, Infotech and others.

  • Breakeven - This competition challenged participants to formulate strategies to make timely decisions on cost, capacity and other profitability factors.

  • UnMarketable- This innovative and fun competition challenged the participants to try market products from two diametrically different brands that are considered ‘UnMarketable’ to certain target audiences. The task demanded positioning and brand extension strategies for certain products to TGs, which would never use such products. 

  • Metrotopia- It was a competition where participants had to come up with a superhero character based on mythology and explain how they would be relevant in the modern times.

By the end of an exhaustive yet constructive day, it was time to set the night on fire with the Battle of Bands and an exhilarating performance by Coke Studio Star Advaita.


The final day of MICANVAS saw an array of competitions for participants to test their creative and managerial skills. Some of the nail-biting competitions were-

Meanwhile, between these competitions, MTV CampusDiaries conducted a Dance Mob Face-off where three teams battled their way through dance to be the champions.

The finale of the grand event concluded with an exuberant and zealous audience cheering for and grooving to the beats of singers Amit Trivedi (Nayan Tarse, Dev D Fame) and Neeti Mohan (Jiya Re, Jab Tak Hai Jaan Fame) at the live concert organized at MICA’s  football field.

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