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TEDx MICA To Break The Box In 2019

TEDx MICA To Break The Box In 2019

06 February 2019
India’s oldest business school TEDx is back and has a new idea worth spreading. The grand event will be held…
Its celebration time for MICA!

Its celebration time for MICA!

06 February 2019
MICA celebrates its foundation day today. It was today when AG Krishnamurthy founded the institute. The day is also celebrated…


31 January 2019
Early this Wednesday morning, the premises of MICA saw a great buzz as MICA’s student-run community radio station MICAVAANI organized…


Published: August 08, 2017 | The Times of India | Yesha Bhatt

For years, MICA has been the home away from home for a number of students who come to study here from different parts of India. Students share their rich, textured experience of getting introduced to different cultures.

Diptanshu Kar, a first year student from Mumbai says, “I'm a Bengali from Mumbai and knew no one here. People from various backgrounds co-exist here and it's wonderful to experience so many cultures.”

Students maintain they are excited to celebrate the various fests at the campus. This communication institute has a multitude of committees, and each committee hosts a variety of events and each such event has a feel of its own. Such fests are a great place for seniors and freshers to mingle.

Cherry Kedia, first year student from Kolkata says, “I feel like it's my home away from home. MICA in itself is a world, we don't feel the need to go out. I am excited for Navratri celebrations here so much so that I'm willing to miss Durga Puja back home.”

MICA offers a course called ‘Imagining India’ which is quite unique. This helps the students to have a wider perspective. The campus gives students various opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds. Talking about diversity , Madhav Mundhra, first year student from Kolkata says, “I have a roommate who is Punjabi, a next door hostilite who is a Tamilian and another hostilite who is from Jalandhar. It is interesting to learn about different cities and cultures.”

Chotaa, the canteen is the students’ favourite hangout spot on campus. Vinay Jain, first year student from Chennai says, “This is an amazing place, especially the food, I thought that adjusting with the food would be an issue, but it turned out to be great.“ The faculty members here are, open and helpful, the students can have long discussions with s them. The curriculum also plays a huge role in bringing the students together. Various group activities help the students in communicating better with their classmates. Malvika Adukia, first year student from Mumbai says, “Coming from Mumbai, it is not very hard to r adjust in Ahmedabad. It's, interesting to meet people from different parts of India. I'm eagerly waiting for garba nights during Navratri.“

Avnish Dawark, a first year student says, “The welcome kit that we received was the best part. It had a poster which read, ‘Welcome to home away from home’.”

The students went for the night heritage walk which was organized by the institution during the Ramzan month. Most of them have explored the Sabarmati Riverfront, Calico Museum of Textiles, Jama Masjid and Gandhi Ashram and Manek Chowk. Aashita, sy student from kerala says, “For last 24 years of my life I have been only in Kerala and its been one year I don't feel away from my home and a lot of is, it is because all of my seniors and now all the juniors as I get to know all of them better.”

“I sort off differ from what aashita said as she lived in one place for all of her life, I lived in about 9-10 places but here I feel all of those places have come together just in one campus”, says another student.

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