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Published: November 12, 2016

It is a moment of pride for MICA as our Dean Dr. Preeti Shroff’s views on “Charisma as an indicator of Brand Attractiveness” has been featured prominently in the  "India's Most Attractive Brands 2016"  report of TRA. This comprehensive study report is viewed as a barometer of relative Brand Equity & appeal and widely used as a reference point both in industry & academia.

This report is a result of a syndicated primary research on Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness with more than 15Mn data points & 16,000 unique brands from over 16,000 hours of fieldwork conducted in 16 cities in India. TRA's study was conducted in partnership with the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

The study report with the Dean Dr. Preeti Shroff’s views is as under:

Brands are a part of the everyday life of the consumer. They have multifarious opportunities to engage with their target audience in any number of ways. However, if there is one trait that is globally agreed on to be an indicator of Attractiveness, it is Charisma. Brands that possess leader-like qualities are thought of as charismatic. The advantage for brands by taking on the attributes of a leader is that relational bonding can be easily developed with the consumers. This bonding can then to be extended further.

Brands with Charisma become an essential part of the everyday life of the consumer because they are "one of a kind" and always serve a purpose in their consumers' lives! Also, brands with Charisma are able to derive a direct connection with their consumers' beliefs and value systems.

Being seen as charismatic translates directly into a greater number of brand advocates, those amazing partners of a brand that not only purchase its products but also go and talk about it to their family, friends, colleagues, and so on. What is important to note is that Charisma is not as much to be possessed as to be communicated to the target audience.

Indian brands realize this and leverage it well. In an effort to be seen as charismatic, brands reach out to celebrities and other charming personalities that can hit a chord with the target audience. This displays that brands in our country are mature and are using their communication well to be seen as more Attractive among its peers.

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