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Published: November 15, 2016

Ahmedabad: MiCompass, the student-run marketing club at MICA, India's premier institute in leadership in strategic management and communications, hosted discussion on the effects of demonetisation on Saturday.


‘The Mobius Strip' organised by MiCompass brings together eminent faculty and industry professionals to debate issues that are creating waves across the business world.

Dr Rasananda Panda, professor at MICA, spoke on multiple economic perspectives along with the socio-political impact of the move. “The government had given fair warning to individuals holding black money. They were warned of drastic measures. The ones who came clean, walked away. But the ones who didn't will face consequences now,” he said lauding the move.

“Our economy will see positive effects after some months. But, significant changes will come only after March 31 due to adjustment lag,” Dr Panda added. He also spoke about the plight of honest tax payer and the positive effects this move will have on them.


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