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Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Media & Entertainment Management (PGCPMEM) - Online

  Batch 3  

Programme Objective

Media & Entertainment is no more a subsidiary industry. It has taken the leading seat to become a leader in the Indian market and started contributing substantially to the economy. Considering the growth and scope of the industry, there is an utmost need for trained professionals to become the growth drivers and achieve newer heights. With the promise of contributing and partnering in the growth drive of the 'Media and Entertainment' industry, MICA as one of the leading institutes of the country considers Media & Entertainment Management as one of its core domain of studies. Along with its regular courses, MICA now proposes to offer a certificate online programme specifically designed for the media and entertainment industry professionals and enthusiasts looking for in-depth knowledge and a career path in the sector.

The objectives of this programme are:

  1. To equip the participants with workable knowledge of the latest developments in the media and entertainment space.

  2. To keep participants abreast on the past and ongoing changes in the buying behaviour of consumers, including their consumption of media and entertainment; and how brands communication strategies are evolving.