PG in Market Research and Data Analytics, Online Certificate Programme PGCPMRDA

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Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Market Research and Data Analytics (PGCPMRDA) - Online

  Batch 9  

This programme focuses on building a strong foundation in market research & data analytics for entry-level to mid-level professionals. It will also cover the application of data analytical tools to assist strategic decision-making. The programme leans on practical and conceptual approaches that will be addressed through the sophisticated data analytic software.

It aims at providing a good understanding and a hands-on experience of the application of appropriate data analytic tools that are imperative in making effective decisions.

The programme will give an overview to develop strategies based on the findings from the data, to manage the organization. It will create a working knowledge of the research industry, the role of analytics and its relationship to strategy-building.

The programme has been designed in close consultation with the industry, to prepare entry-level and experienced professionals for a career in market research & data analytics. It is set to provide the right base for working in analytical teams, in large corporations and outsourcing companies.

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