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Fees and financial aid

At the time of admission, the candidates have to pay the following fee, inclusive of service tax.

Domestic students:

Programme fee: Rs. 85,000/- (exclusive of service tax)

Campus fee: Rs.9,345/- (exclusive of service tax)

Domestic students can make a one-time payment or in instalments.

International students:

Programme fee – USD 2,500

Campus fee – Rs. 10,700/- (Optional for International students)

Programme fee is paid in the name of Ivory Education Private Limited.

Campus fee is payable in the name of MICA. Dates of campus visit will be announced in February 2017.

Payment in installments
Down payment: Rs. 40,000 on 15th July 2016 or within seven days of selection, whichever is earlier
1st Instalment: Rs. 25,000 on 15th Sept. 2016
2nd Instalment: Rs. 20,000 on 15th Nov. 2016
3rd Instalment: Rs. 20,000 on 15th January 2017
Total Rs. 1,05,000


Ivory Education will provide assistance to candidates for availing loans from financial institutions. Before applying for a loan, the candidates need to be selected by MICA for the programme.

Dates of campus visit will be in April/May, 2015. Campus fees are mandatory and payable directly to MICA.

The bandwidth requirements: 512kbps in metro locations and 1mbps in non-metro locations. Student must make a declaration on the bandwidth at the time of the enrolment.

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