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Kshitij Joshi
Advisor - CDMC and Adjunct Faculty
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Kshitij Joshi is a humanitarian and development professional who has served the International Civil Service Commission as Chief of Communication for Development (C4D) with UNICEF.  In a career spanning over 18 years he has led large teams and organisations addressing some of the world’s challenging humanitarian crisis and social, economic and environmental issues across South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and West African countries. 

Kshitij has managed communication for social impact programmes involving diverse and complex range of partners and stakeholders including government, civil society, private sector and multilateral & bi-lateral agencies including the World Bank, USAID, DFID, EU, JICA, SIDA, etc. 

Career milestones:

  • Led the social mobilization and community engagement response for Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. It is documented as one of the top 10 global best practises in C4D by UNICEF.

  • During his tenure in Afghanistan some of the most security-compromised areas in the country registered a 100% jump in awareness levels about polio vaccination.

  • Expanded and consolidated the 5000+ frontline workers’ Social Mobilization Network (SMNet) which was instrumental for polio eradication in India.

  • Conceptualised and created award winning global interactive digital platforms in pre-FACEBOOK / Twitter era to engage young people on social development issues.

Areas of expertise: (Industry and Development Sector)

  • Communication with Communities for emergencies and humanitarian response

  • Managing large scale public information and social mobilization campaigns.

  • Designing evience based communication for social impact (CSI) strategies

  • Application of ICT for social development

  • Capacity & institutional development

  • Partnerships and multi-stakeholder facilitation

  • Developing qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Working with volunteers and faith-based organizations

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  • Education