Hear about MICA from alumni, visiting faculty and recruiters

Skills & knowledge can be taught and acquired but passion cannot be injected; it’s in their passion for creating great brands and generating big ideas that MICANs are a breed apart!
Posted By: Suraja Kishore
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Brand Planning, LOWE
I have found that students from MICA tend to possess a rare combination of hard and soft skills, enabling them to deal with real life problems with a greater degree of understanding and creativity. They have a more integrated view of marketing and communication, than those from a pure management education background, and are able to add greater value, earlier than their counterparts. I have had the pleasure of working with many MICA students and I have every intention of working with many more.
Posted By: Santosh Desai
MD and CEO, Futurebrands India Ltd.
As a student, I found MICA's curriculum matching my areas of interest. We had all kinds of people on campus from diverse backgrounds - including the liberal arts - which made for a stimulating and intellectually charged environment. When we come looking for advertising talent, the qualities that this kind of culture fosters are the ones that we value the most: inquisitiveness, passion, a point of view and creativity. We've been delighted with the talent that’s come to Mudra and contributed to the group's success.
Posted By: Aditya Kanthy
National Strategic Planning Head, DDB Mudra group