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Winter food in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city of foodies. People love to eat and socialise. Whether it is a food cart or stall, if it serves delicious food or beverages, it becomes a popular hang-out space, age no bar.

And everything gets better in the winter time! The nip in the air begs for something hot, and comforting, and boy does this city deliver!

Here’s a sampling of what your taste buds can expect:

Ginger Tea @Apna Adda


Other cities may have bars and pubs, but kitlis rule in Ahmedabad. Day or night, you will find locals and visitors thronging these centres of chai and charcha, discussing everything from office politics to global warming and nuclear physics. Ginger tea is a winter special.

Apna Adda serves its chai in traditional earthen kullads, making that piping hot cuppa even more special.

Undhiyu@Juna Sherbazaar, Nehrunagar


You would be forgiven if you thought Uttarayan was observed solely to celebrate Undhiyu, that traditional mixed-vegetable delicacy that is only made in the winter. Since the veggies needed to make undhiyu are only available in the winter, it’s no surprise that the build up to it is literally a year long! Undhiyu prepared in an earthen pot is popularly known as matluundhiyu, and is a must-have local delicacy, especially when paired with puris.

Badam Pak @KandoiBhogilalMulchand

Badam Pak

Made with everything from lentils to fenugreek, to almonds, sweet meats available in Ahmedabad have traditionally had a secret agenda. They were once powerful weapons in the battle to maintain the health and weight needed to beat a cold winter. Today, they are still just as tasty, and still as oblivious to the existence of the word ‘diet’! Don’t take our word for it, though.

Bajri nu Rotlo ane Aodo@Ame Gujarati and Agashiye, Kalupur

bajri rotla

A unique combination of a millet bread and a puree of eggplant with vivid Indian spices, known as ‘Bajari no Rotlo ane Aodo,’and accompanied by jaggery makes a combination that every Gujarati relishes at dinner time and is considered as a feast to have!

Kadhai Ka Doodh@ IIMA–ATIRA Road


Hot milk infused with saffron is a crowd favourite when it comes to beating the winter nights. You will find Lorries with big vessel containing milk infused with saffron and sprinkling of dry fruits and goodness of health.

Gajjar Ka Halwa @ JayHind Sweets, Panjrapole

gajjar ka halwa

Fresh, grated carrots cooked to creamy perfection with milk, sugar, ghee, and flavoured with a hint of cardamom—there’s nothing like gajar ka halwa to keep you warm from the inside on a cold winter’s day!

Tawa non-vegetarian delicacies @Bhatiyar Gali

tawa non veg

Bhatiyar Gali comes to life after dark, making it the city’s answer to any late-night meat cravings. Melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, perfectly roasted chicken, and a gazillion other offerings make this little lane popular with locals and visitors. So, be prepared for crowds.

Egg Delicacies @Talli’s, CEPT Road

tallis cept road

Gujarat might be a dry state, but that doesn’t mean you have to lay off the Budweiser or Hieneken, or even a Haywards—as long as they’re the egg dishes on offer at Talli’s. A part of the city’s khaugali culture, Talli’s is one of the many food carts that dot the road outside CEPT University.

As much Ahmedabad loves its street food, we’re also partial to high-quality restaurants. Here are a few where the experience is as important as the food.



Vishala takes its village theme very seriously, transporting you to the traditional Gujarati countryside the minute you walk in the door. In addition to the widespread of Gujarati goodies, attractions such as folk music, dance and even some shopping add to the ambience, making it an unforgettable experience.

Swati Snacks

swati snacks

Make this fast-food place a priority pit stop on your shopping spree to Law Garden. Hygenic and well-staffed, with a diverse menu of Gujarati food. Don’t miss the patra—steamed layers of colocasia leaves held together by a sweet and spicy lentil-based batter and served with a green chutney. Simply put, yum!



Rajwaduis a village-themed restaurant that serves both Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine in a vibrant, colourful setting. The menu changes in keeping with the season, to ensure only the freshest produce makes its way to your thali.

Happy Food and Happy winter goes hand in hand for Ahmedabad!

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