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Paper Presentation Guidelines

Each presenter will have a maximum of 12 minutes (excluding the Q&A) to make the presentation. Please stay within this time limit so others get a their full 12 minutes to present.

PowerPoint Presentation/Content and Style

  1. Please do not use copyrighted materials without giving credit to the source(s).

  2. Your first slide is your title slide. It should include the title of your paper, your full name and the full names of any co-authors, and your institution/company name and logo if applicable.

  3. Please use fonts of appropriate size and colour to ensure visibility from a distance.

  4. Please include only main points on each slide so that the audience can listen to you present rather than try to read detailed text for which, in any case, there is little time. This will also help you to stay within the time limit.

Just before the session starts

  1. Please make sure that you arrive in the hall in which you will present at least10 minutes before the session begins so as to download your presentation on to the computer in the hall in a timely fashion. We request you to bring the presentation on a flash drive and also keep a copy available for downloading.

  2. The order of presentations is as per the order listed in the conference schedule. However, sometimes this order has to be changed due to last minute circumstances. So please confirm the order of presentation with your session chair.

  3. Your session chair will indicate to you when Q&A for the session will take place.

We look forward to your presentation at the ICMC 2018 at MICA!

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