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MICA is delighted to announce its 5th International Communication Management Conference (ICMC) on 'Media & Entertainment Disruptions and Beyond' to be held at MICA, Ahmedabad, India from 11 to 13 January, 2018.

The overarching objective of the conference would be to understand effective marketing strategies for managers in the Media & Entertainment industry. This would entail examining strategies for managing content, consumers, and connections. The conference will deliberate on the challenges that continue to exist in terms of infrastructure, digital access, content availability, user behavior, and technology led disruptions.

We are inviting papers from (but not restricted to) the following broad areas:

  • Understanding Consumers

  • Content Creation

  • Design Thinking & Innovation Management

  • New Age Technologies

  • Social / Cultural Issues

  • Economics & Finance

  • Strategy & Leadership

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Managing & Marketing Talent

  • Multi-Disciplinary & Cross-Sectoral Studies

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Creative Industries

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