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Published: January 16, 2017 | MBA Universe

"The idea of MICA is rooted in ideation, creativity and strategy.Hence we are ideologically and existentially linked to creativity and innovation Prof. Rajneesh Krishna Associate Dean MICA Ahmedabad"

MICA Ahmedabad is probably the only B school which has created a niche in management education with consistently achieving and aspiring for yet higher standards

MICA Ahmedabad is probably the only B-school which has created a niche in management education with consistently achieving and aspiring for yet higher standards under the able guidance and leadership of its deans, and faculty members. MICA is a unique institution with unique approach in pedagogy and learning; in selecting the students for admission to its flagship programme.

With a vision to take MICA to new heights and make it a globally recognized management institution Prof Rajneesh Krishna Associate Dean, MICA – school of ideas shares how distinct is to pursue management course at MICA than other B-schools.

A Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; M.A. Sociology, Patna University, Patna and presently associated with teaching interests in Consumer Behavior, Research Methodology, Consumer Insight mining, Statistical Methods and Data Analysis, Marketing Research Project, Advanced Qualitative Research, Management of Marketing Research , Consumption Behavior in Indian Perspective, Rural Consumption Behavior, Marketing, Consumption and Social Change, Customer brand trust, Prof Krishna has vast research experience.

His Research areas are to combine sociological knowledge, experience of marketing research and research methodology to develop theoretical constructs specific to Indian society; to study the impact of culture and society on consumption, Cognitive non-conscious consumption, communication and consumer socialization communication, brands & trust.

In an exclusive interview with Prof Rajneesh Krishna shares his vision and priorities for MICA. Below are given the excerpts of the interview

As the Associate dean of MICA how do you see MICA amidst the plethora of business schools in terms of pedagogical innovation & academic rigor? 
The idea of MICA is rooted in ideation, creativity and strategy.  Hence we are ideologically and existentially linked to creativity and innovation and this approach percolates to each and every aspect of MICA, from curriculum to pedagogy. Creativity and innovation is a way of life at MICA . In terms of pedagogy, we do use case studies approach but do not exclusively rely on that rather there is whole lot of other tools like story-telling, narrative building scenario analysis, interact with consumers, ethnographic immersion, role-play, research and design projects, development of  a solution framework, formulation of an innovative branding/marketing strategy, simulation games and last but not the least simulation games.  Our aim is build a symbiotic connections between the theory and practice. To bring in the latest from the world of practice almost all the career shaping electives have visiting faculty from the industry.

MICAns have won almost all the major corporate B-School competitions in 2016. What are some of the exclusive courses MICA offers that give its students an edge over others?
Actually it is total curriculum which makes MICAns what s/he is. Right skills and knowledge, right ethics and right behavior is what makes a wo/man good manager - which is result of total gestalt of courses rather one or two specific courses. Still some of the unique courses of MICA are Consumer Insights Mining, Account Planning Models, Behavioral Architecture, Imagining India, Sports Marketing, Behavioral Economics, Semiotics, Luxury Branding, Culture & Communication, Media Economics, Online User Behavior etc. another differentiating factor of MICA academic culture is openness, trust and equality that exist in the relationship between professors and students at MICA.

MICA is a pioneer in the niche area of strategic marketing and communication. How will you compare it with other business schools who offer marketing as a specialization? How is MICA different from them?
MICA differs from other B-Schools in terms of the range & depth of the courses that are offered to the students. For example, most of the other Business schools provide a course on consumer behavior but MICA in addition to providing a course on Consumer Behavior also offers a course on Consumer Insight Mining. Similarly most of other schools provide one course on brand management but at MICA we have that course and in addition there is a course on Branding for Rural Customers and Luxury branding.

Further multi-disciplinarily of MICA curriculum strengthens strategic marketing ability of MICAns. For example Culture and Communication (a course from communication area) also enriches the understanding of  culture and consumption or Semiotics deepens understanding of Branding and how brands can be decoded.

MICA, a leader in its field, is a niche school with exclusive focus on strategic marketing & communications. What are some of the cutting edge research work that your faculty is engaged in? 
Like its curriculum, MICA research also is multi-disciplinary and pioneering. For example, some of the notable research publications have been in Luxury Branding, Sports Marketing, and Impact of digital platforms on consumption behavior. Some of the MICA faculties have worked on Gender Issues in organizations and on Stress management. Another interesting aspect of MICA research has been the partnership between faculty and students for research and publications. In such publications, students are also credited as co-authors. MICAMINDS is the 3rd research led initiative which differentiates MICA from any other business school.

MICA enjoys the diversity in its student profile in terms of gender & academic background. How does this diversity reflect in the classroom discussions in your subject on consumer behavior?
MICA students are not only diverse in terms of gender & academic background but also in terms of geographical background. That provides an opportunity to bring multiple point of views and enrich the overall learning. The class-room discussions are very intense and forces a participant to think from multiple perspectives. MICAns define an eagerness to learn and the spirit multiplicity of views reinforces it.

With so much to plan, visualize and do, what inspires and keeps you motivated?
The glow in the face of the class, the light in the back of their (student’s) eyes after a particularly intense classroom session is what keeps me hooked to this profession. The most rewarding moment is when the participants encircle me post the lecture and do not allow to leave till their queries or quest for knowledge is satiated!

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