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MICANS Embark on Rural Immersion Programme

23 October 2018
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MICA wins nat’nl biz contest

05 September 2018
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Published: Jan 21, 2017 | Ahmedabad Mirror

For a woman, becoming a mother is the most cherished moment of her life, and it was no different for me. My daughter, Naomi, was only 11 months old when I brought her to India from the US, for the very first time.

During my time in Ahmedabad, a friend and I ventured into a shop to buy a traditional bandhani sari. That is when Naomi, who was sitting on my friend’s lap, climbed down to check the sari and took her very first step! Knowing that she took her first step in Ahmedabad — where I spent some of the best years of my life — made me emotional and happy. For me, Cloud 9 moments are not only the ones that make me happy, but these are also ones that have stayed with me and inspired me to do better.

One such moment transpired during my time as a student at St Xavier’s College. I was part of the social management programme in 1989, and visited rural Gujarat to work with Dalits as well as tribal communities. On one such visit to Golana village in Bhal region, I met a girl who was overjoyed because she completed Class 10 and was very excited to take up higher studies. I was happy for her.

A week later, when I visited the same village I happened to meet the same girl. She was crying profusely as bad monsoon and no labour work rendered her parents penniless which meant she could not continue her education. That was devastating. From there on, my conscience has guided me to work for women and girls to help them excel in life. And when I see them climbing up in life, I feel on top of the world.

Out to shop for bandhani sari, my 11-month-old Naomi took her fi rst step to check out the sari!

I was devastated to see a village girl cry profusely as she was not be able to pursue higher studies

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