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Overview & Pedagogy

The primary method of instruction will be through live lectures that will be streamed online to student's desktops/laptops or classrooms using Talentedge’s Direct To Device platform. The lectures will be delivered by eminent professors from MICA.

All participants will also be granted 24X7 access to Talentedge’s Cloud Campus comprising of learning aids, study materials, reference materials, assessments, case studies and assignments etc. as per the requirement of the programme. Students can chat real-time with the professors during the live class and also post all other programme related queries offline on the Cloud Campus.

Programme Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn a PG Certificate from MICA.

  • Lectures imparted by eminent professors from MICA and industry professionals.

  • Insights into common mistakes people make in Digital Marketing for their Business.

  • Exposure to the latest digital marketing channels and trends.

  • Hands-on practice on digital marketing tools (across various channels) to move rapidly and profitably against the competition.

  • Insights into how businesses in different sectors are succeeding using digital marketing.

  • Learn how to develop and execute a successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Gain deeper understanding of the why, what and how of leveraging various digital marketing channels.

  • Fully online program with live interactive lectures that provides a 'real' classroom experience in a 'virtual' environment.

  • In the event that students miss the live lecture, he/she can request “On Demand” access to the recorded session.

  • Seamless technology that can transmit lecture videos effectively at home broadband connection of 512 kbps.

  • User friendly and easy to use technology interface. No complicated hardware or software installations required.

  • Virtual classrooms that allow for active interactions with professors and fellow students.

  • Convenient weekend schedules.

  • Students on our virtual social learning platform are provided access to course presentations, case studies and other learning aids and reference materials as applicable for specified courses.

  • Students can raise questions and doubts either real-time during the live class or offline through the Cloud Campus.

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