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One-year Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC)

A programme specially designed for people who want to pursue a career as Ideators. Today, the need is for conceptual thinkers who are also 'executors'. In other words, Ideators are more than just copywriters, art directors, designers, TV commercials makers or even web designers. They think big.

Programme Summary

While we genuinely believe that everybody is creative, we also believe that there is an important difference between being creative as a person or as a fine-artist, and being creative in a commercial sense. Advertising and its related fields call for creativity as a highly disciplined, commercialised practice. In an ad agency, as a copywriter or an art director, you cannot “Just be creative and express yourself” – here you are a ‘creative professional’, and have to be able to use the power of your creativity for a commercial/business reason – as someone is paying you to get a problem solved, using your creativity.

Therefore, to start with, the crafting creative communication programme evaluates and chooses applicants based on their innate creative attitude and talent. During the programme, it aims to instil in them qualities such as a sense of commitment, discipline, and teamwork, all of which are essential for solving problems, brand-related or social.

And of course, there is the coursework itself – intensive, interactive sessions – in which essential advertising creativity skills are taught and practised.


But how much 'guidance' is too much?

The solution, we have discovered and applied in 26 batches of CCC, is to distinguish clearly between 'talent' and 'skill', and then give each of these appropriate emphasis.

Which is why, we hand-pick a few talented students out of the hundreds that apply every year. Our process involves in exposing and sensitizing them to their inherent creative talents. And equally importantly, helping them develop and hone their skills, so that they can exploit their creative talents to the fullest.

In other words, we open the window wide and let them see the Everests, K2s and Kanchenjungas of the world, so that they are inspired to set their goals very high. And we also put them through an intensive boot camp of snow climbing, dead lifts, quad and hamstring curls, altitude training, trail running, the works (to continue with the mountain climbing metaphor).

Overview & Pedagogy

Most sessions will be interactive using diverse examples and exercises, case studies, classroom discussions, group exercises and presentations to create an atmosphere of learning-by-doing. Periodic assignments will allow participants to develop skills required for the complete process of idea-generation and elaboration from doodles to executing full-blown multimedia campaigns.

There are two basic disciplines through which we make our communication - verbal/written and visual, and both need different skills-sets to master them. The structure of the programme is designed to hone the necessary skills required for these two diverse disciplines. The beauty and the uniqueness of the programme is that the classes are common and compulsory for all; therefore, every student is required to learn and assimilate knowledge and skills covering all aspects of communication.

Every student prepares a portfolio of work done during the year and presents it at the end of the programme to a jury. The postgraduate certificate is awarded based on the evaluation during the jury.

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