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Most sessions will be interactive using diverse examples and exercises, case studies, classroom discussions, group exercises and presentations to create an atmosphere of learning-by-doing. Periodic assignments will allow participants to develop skills required for the complete process of idea-generation and elaboration from doodles to executing full-blown multimedia campaigns.

There are two basic disciplines through which we make our communication - verbal/written and visual, and both need different skills-sets to master them. The structure of the course is designed to hone the necessary skills required for these two diverse disciplines. The beauty and the uniqueness of the course is that the classes are common and compulsory for all; therefore, every student is required to learn and assimilate knowledge and skills covering all aspects of communication.

Every student prepares a portfolio of work done during the year and presents it at the end of the course to a jury. The postgraduate certificate is awarded based on the evaluation during the jury.

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