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CCC Batch 26 (2016-2017) Portfolio

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  • Abir

    The active ingredients in me are creativity, originality and art.I'm constantly working with my hands, creating the next new thing.

  • Adarsh

    Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am.

  • Ahona

    A curious communication artist, with compulsive creative disorder. My journey, inspires my work. And the love for art drives my craft.

  • Ananya

    Art frees me, my writing keeps me grounded. A copywriter with a marketing edge.

  • Anny

    Some days, I’m a Copywriter, On others, I surprise myself.

  • Aparna

    Of Ideas, coffee and gibberish.

  • Apurva

    Hi, I easily get distracted by interesting colors, typefaces, layouts, logos and I download apps only to check out its interface.

  • Ayushi

    Articulating ideas, droning doodles, weaving wander-worthy words, this book bugger believes in capturing creativity with curiosity.

  • Bhoomi

    A person who communicates through her sketches. Lives life as it comes, ultimate goal - to reach the stars.

  • Bilal

    A sleep deprived Graphic Designer who turns caffeine and pizza into words and images.

  • Garima

    People and stories interest me the most. I like to observe patterns around me and further use them to make complex things simpler. Pretty simple, right?

  • Gunasees

    There are two kinds of people in the world. One, who have the questions and one who have the answers. I can give you both.

  • Kassandra

    An observer, a dreamer and hence, a writer. I'm an aspiring perfectionist who comes with tales, tweets or tunes on tax, teaching and taboo.

  • Kevin

    Mimemis over memes and vice versa.

  • Meghna

    Digital artist and hopeless optimist. Perfectionist, well disguised wild child and professional procrastinator.

  • Payal

    Still a child who lets sights, sounds and everyday experiences inspire me.

  • Punya

    People collector. List maker. Experience(s) addict.

  • Sanhita

    A wonderer and a wanderer, exploring unknown spaces, fascinated by dreams and stories.

  • Sanket

    Analog at birth, digital thereon. Thinker. Writer. Advertiser. I'm not funny. I'm just super honest and people think I'm joking.

  • Shrishti

    Vivacious ‘gypsy’ who travels to unexplored avenues, discovering new stories and people. I find my passion in writing and crafting moments.

  • Suman

    staying alive on humor, art and cat videos.

  • Swarnish

    The kid who took art and crafts way too seriously in schools, college, post-grad and now trying to turn it into a livelihood.

  • Zeel

    Resides in books. With a little tool called pen, I write my stories embellished with passion & hard work. I don't remember when was the last time I left home without my camera.

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