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Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Advertising Management and Public Relations (PGCPAMPR) - Online

  Batch 13  

Marketing today has truly become a battleground. Integrated marketing communication is the strategic weapon which fights competition and yields a ‘top-of-the-mind-recall’ to the brand. On one hand, consumers are becoming more and more demanding with lots of brands to choose from. On the other their attention spans have significantly reduced due to clutter, chaos and time poverty. In a scenario like this, advertising and public relations are strategic tools which if used smartly can earn mind space. With the advent of digital space and information access to the consumer, these weapons can backfire if not used properly. Therefore, an organization aims at strategically using these weapons in order to generate returns on marketing investment.

Thus, one needs to get equipped with the latest concepts and techniques of advertising and get insights into strategies that attract eyeballs and capture the consumer’s mind. To help achieve the same, MICA offers an online post graduate certificate Programme in Advertising Management and Public Relations.

Programme Objectives

The course aims at skill as well as perspective building for junior and middle level executives in the domain of Advertising Management. It seeks to deliver skills for managing advertising businesses, by combining theoretical learning in the field of communication with the right blend of management education.