MICA Academic programmes in Development Communication

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MICA Academic programmes in Development Communication

  1. Rural Immersion Programme

    Students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Communication (PGDM-C) at MICA are offered a practical rural experience through a unique pedagogic approach. The Rural Immersion Programme enriches the students’ learning in the areas of rural communities, culture, ethnography, social sector programmes, consumer lifestyles, marketing research, and understanding rural India. The Centre facilitates and strengthens the implementation of the programme by connecting with like-minded organizations and mentoring students to enhance their field learning.


  2. MICAVAANI Community Radio

    The Centre supports MICAVAANI, MICA’s Community Radio Station (90.4 Radio Frequency) programmes in various ways. The Centre engages with this student-driven initiative, which combines social messages (on health and nutrition, girl child education, empowerment and development) with entertainment, and creatively connects people in the nearby villages.

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