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MICA – Centre For Development Management And Communication (CDMC)

The MICA - Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC) focuses on providing thought leadership and strategic marketing and communication solutions across varied fields in social development, communication and capacity building.

MICA-CDMC aims to carry forward the legacy of social change and development management, which is integral to the value system of MICA; and is reflected in its academic programmes, partnerships and interventions.

The MICA-CDMC brand assures effective delivery of Strategic Marketing and Communication solutions to industry, government and community across varied areas including human rights, gender equality, public health, environment, rural development, technology, agriculture, humanitarian development, among others.

The faculty and students at MICA-CDMC are engaged in research and field projects with social sector institutions, such as SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association), UMC-USAID (Urban Management Centre-United States Agency for International Development) and various other government agencies, local global corporates and development sector institutions.

MICA-CDMC is well positioned to provide services to social sector institutions such as civil society organizations, corporate foundations and government agencies, for development management and social impact communication across local, national and global stakeholders. The Centre’s goal is to support and strengthen grassroots community enterprises, specifically for marketing management, communication and developing leadership capacity.

The MICA-CDMC offers expertise in designing and implementing developmental communication campaigns and strategies; social and behavioural change communication, organizational leadership development, communication and management training for corporate, public and social sector institutions. Among other interventions, the Centre also designs and supports projects for city branding and heritage development, health and sanitation campaigns for schools and communities, water issues and sustainability, rural immersion projects and audio-visual communication to capture project impact.

Sectoral Divergence

  • Health

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

  • Education

  • Women & Child Development

  • Gender

  • Youth

  • Environment & Forests

  • Climate Change

  • Technology

  • Livelihood

  • Agriculture

  • Art, Handicrafts

  • Culture, Heritage

  • Rural Development

  • Urban Development

  • Governance

  • CSR

Scope of Engagement

  • Development Communication

    • Communication Strategy

    • Communication Policy

    • Communication Plan

    • Communication (print/ digital)

    • Social and Behavioural Change Communication

  • Management Development Training Programmes for Social Sector

  • Capacity Building Training Programmes

    • Workshops

    • Seminars

    • Conferences

    • Consultancy

    • Advisory Services

  • Documentation

    • Process Documentation

    • Publication

    • Sustainability Reporting

  • MICA Academic Programmes in Development Communication

  • Social Research Studies and Media Literacy

  • Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship

  • Social Events Engaging Citizens

CDMC Projects


CDMC Photogallery

CDMC Milestones

  • MICA had recognized the important role of development communication for rural communication and marketing, since it’s inception.

  • The institute launched its first course - ‘Development Communication’ in 2004, which was later renamed as ‘Development Communication and Social Marketing’.

  • MICA launched the first “Health Communications Management” course in India in 2004.

  • The Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC), as it is popularly known as, had its origin in the Centre for Social and Development Communication (CSDC), within MICA in the year 2005. It was awarded the status of ‘Centre of Excellence’.

  • The CDMC faculty and students have collaborated with varied departments in the state governments and reputed international agencies on development communication.

  • They have also collaborated with many prestigious international universities and educational institutions on collaborative research projects and exchange programmes.

  • MICA CDMC has provided professional impetus to the field of development communications through its work in the field.

  • CDMC continues to be a recognized Centre in India for collaboration in the field of social and development communication.

Contact Us

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