Academic Centres

MICA's academic centres are dedicated to different disciplines in the Strategic Marketing and Communication domain. They undertake extensive research, conduct workshops and awareness seminars and produce knowledge generating study material all through the year, to strengthen various sectors in the field of Strategic Marketing and Communication.
Below are the six academic centres at MICA:


The MICA Incubator at MICA EDC is committed to the objective of supporting budding entrepreneurs in the entire process of their business formation i.e. right from the stage of conception to the stage of commercialisation.


Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre (KEIC)

KEIC is MICA's hi-tech library and an exclusive centre of excellence for advertising, media, marketing and related information. It extends total information support to marketers, ad agencies, media houses, management institutes and researchers.

Mudra Institute of Communication Research (MICORE)

MICORE is a dedicated scientific research centre with great magnitude in a wide spectrum of communication, marketing and other related areas. It is committed to providing communication-centred solutions to the developmental and organisational challenges facing the country, its driving impetus being to build a strong and just consumer and civil society.


Centre for Media & Entertainment Studies (CMES)

CMES is an initiative of MICA to bring together academia and the media & entertainment industries to facilitate research-based solutions for enduring issues and problems.

MICA Case Study Centre (MICASE)

We at the Case Study Centre at MICA are committed to developing high-quality case studies to be used as a pedagogical tool in the classrooms. The centre is set up under the mentorship of Dr Shailendra Mehta, President and Director of MICA, and research is undertaken in collaboration with faculty at the institute.