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Placement FAQ's

What time of the year is your recruitment programme?

The recruitment programme is continuous, typically from December onwards. The summer internship recruitments begin in September. Lateral / experienced hiring takes place along with full-time recruitment during Placement Week in December/January. For specific dates for the current academic year please write to the Placement Manager. If you are a first time recruiter, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where can I get a recruitment guide?

The recruitment guide and the student profile book for the year is typically available for download in September.

What information must be essentially provided in a PPT/Corporate Presentation/Brochure?

The information that students typically look for in a corporate presentation is:

  • Profile of the company

  • Profile of the career role (projects in case of summer internships & responsibilities)

  • Locations where the student is likely to be posted

  • Company salary / stipend

What amenities / infrastructure are available for a presentation/recruitment process on campus?

The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art physical, communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate a smooth recruitment process. Computing facilities, projection facilities for multimedia presentations, telecommunication facilities for teleconferencing and seminar rooms and presentation halls for presentations/workshops can be arranged for your specific needs, by writing to the Placement Committee at MICA.

May I conduct recruitment processes off-campus?

Taking students off-campus for the recruitment process is not a normal practice. However, this may be considered on a case-to-case basis. Please consult the Placement Committee at MICA to work out the details.

What are the various ways I can recruit remotely?

In cases where you are unable to come down to campus or you prefer to meet the students at your office, recruitment processes can be conducted through teleconferencing.

What time of the year is the summer internship?

Students who have completed their first year of the course are available to join as summer interns from April to June. The internship may last for a minimum of eight weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks. Selection processes for Summer Recruitments begins in September.

What are the various ways of recruiting students?

Students can be recruited by:

  • A two-month full time summer internship

  • Experienced / lateral positions

  • Full-time positions

What are the typical steps in the recruitment process?

The typical steps in the recruitment process would be:

  • Communicate your interest to the Placement Committee at MICA

  • Finalise a recruitment slot (day and date during the campus placement week)

  • Provide a Corporate Presentation (Pre-Placement Talk)

  • Provide a formal Statement of Intent

  • Accept and process CVs and applications submitted by students

  • Short-list students

  • Pre-Processes (Tests / Group Discussions)

  • Interviews (on-campus preferred)

  • Provide a selection list to the Placement Committee at MICA

What are the various ways of assessing students?

The Placement Committee at MICA provides advice and assistance to the recruiters throughout the hiring process. Recruiters are also invited on campus to give informal talks and lectures to students and provide an opportunity to interact with them.

Through MLS, industry professionals are invited to deliver talks on current managerial and business issues, thereby facilitating knowledge transfer as well as effecting fruitful interactions with the students. This provides the recruiters an opportunity to evaluate the students and their understanding of concepts of marketing and its applied fields. Additionally, it allows the recruiter to observe the campus, its infrastructure and gauge the overall potential of the students.

Recruiters are invited to offer projects to the students of MICA through the student research and consultancy cell - MICAMINDS. Clients have expressed satisfaction and have consistently shown interest in involving the students in additional projects. Several companies have assessed the capabilities of students as managers through the MICAMINDS projects.

Recruiters are also invited to participate with MICA through its Annual Brand Management Festival – MICANVAS, a forum that brings together industry professionals and students on a common platform, so as to enhance their interaction and mutually benefit all the stakeholders, i.e. the institute, the students and the industry. This is reflected in the design of the events, based on the requirements of companies who choose to partner with MICANVAS. Further, the panel discussions at MICANVAS bring in some of the best corporate personalities, who share their knowledge with students and provide them a perspective of the industry.

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