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PGP (2018-20) International Immersion

1. Background and Objectives:

In an interdependent business world characterized by international flow of products and services, including free exchange of ideas through the Internet, there is a need for management students to get an experience of international markets, cultures, social and work environments.

An international immersion in USA would be critical for providing the rich exposure to US culture, social, and industry work environment for MICA graduates.

2. Learning Outcomes:

  1. Ability to gain insights into social, cultural and work/industry context of USA.

  2. Ability to work effectively in groups with American Students.

  3. Learning from USA University Faculties in the areas of management, marketing, analytics and strategic communication.

  4. Learning from Higher Education Institution.

3. Faculty Anchor:

The group will be accompanied by a MICA faculty who would anchor the International Immersion Programme

4. University:

Michigan State University, East Lansing, Illinois- USA

5. Academic Inputs (Five Workshops by the MSU faculty)*:

  • Dr. Saleem Alhabash:Audience Analytics

  • Dr. Wietske VanOsch:Brand Management and Social Media: "ROI" and Customer Engagement

  • Dr. Kjerstin Thorson: Digital Analytics: Transforming Data into Insights

  • Dr. Esther Thorson: Digital Metrics for Journalists and Journalism: Enhancing News Processing

  • Dr. Prabu David: Catalyst Thinking in Leadership

6. Hands-On Projects (from among the following areas)*:

  • Digital Media/Social Media Project with City of Lansing

  • Web/Social/Event Project with International Department in MSU Study Abroad Program

  • Promotional Design Project with MSU Housing/Residence Life Department

  • Google Analytics/Adwords/Social Media Campaign build for StratCom Program

7. Industry Visits*:

  • General Motors in Detroit. Meet/greet and tour the facilities. Learn about how GM does some of their communication strategy. Tour GM plant

  • Leo Burnett visit in Detroit.

  • Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI and tour the Rouge Ford F-150 plant. Greenfield Village is a frequent spot for both tourists and schools to learn more about automotive history.

8. Cultural Immersion:

  1. One day visit to Grand Rapids Art Prize Festival

  2. Chicago Architectural Tour

9. Visit to Chicago:

  1. Connecting with MICA Alum

10. Time Period and Duration

  1. Two weeks -September 14,2019 to October 01, 2019 for PGP batch 2018-20 (second year)

  2. The students who opt for international immersion will need to go through the rural immersion later.

11. Numbers:

Minimum 20 students. Maximum 25 students

NOTE: MICA is also exploring the possibility of developing International Immersion Programme for PGP batch 2019-21 with MICA’s current International Academic Partners such as:
1. Emory University, Atlanta, USA
2. University of Southern California Los Angeles, USA
3. North Western University, Chicago, USA
4. China- Management and Marketing Universities

Note: * Yet to be finalized.


1. In an academic year, will I have option of choosing one or several institutions?

Every student can choose only one in case more than one option is available in an academic year. These will be shared each year. In addition, if the number of spaces are limited for any option, selection will be done on first-come-first-served basis.

2. Will there be opportunities to interact with the students and faculty of the respective institutions?

Yes, interaction with students and faculty will be an integral component of the International Immersion Programme.

3. Does the international immersion guarantee international placements?

No, the Immersion is not linked to international placements.

4. Will I get a certificate for international immersion?

Yes, you will get a certificate for international immersion.

5. Will I get extra credits for the international immersion?

No, you would not get any extra credit for International Immersion programme but you will get certification of successful completion of the programme.

6. What are the areas of the workshop?

The topics for workshops will be decided based on faculty expertise of the host university. These will be shared at the time of announcements.

7. Will this immersion add to my knowledge base irrespective of whatever specialization I go for?

Definitely, immersion will add to your knowledge base irrespective of the specialization chosen by the student.

8. What is the reimbursement policy if I withdraw from this immersion?

Withdrawals will not be possible except for extreme emergencies or severe health situation upto the extent of unused amount.

9. What does it mean- *excluding any incidental cost or taxes? Is the price for the international program not fixed?

The fee includes airfare, transfers, travel insurance academic fee, boarding, lodging and local transport. However, expenses for medical emergency and any increase due to change in exchange rate or any extraneous factors will be charged if applicable.

10. Will any MICA faculty/ coordinator accompany us during the immersion?

Yes, a MICA faculty will accompany the student group.

11. What about vegetarian students - will they have food options?

Yes, there will be vegetarian food options available within the cuisine range of the host universities.

12. Will there be access to doctors and hospitals for any medical problems and emergencies?

Every student will be covered under a travel and medical insurance policy. The host University will also support actively for any medical emergencies. Yet, all students are strictly advised to take their basic kit of medicines.

13. 13.Which universities have students gone in past for the immersion?

Michigan State University
Zurich College of Applied Sciences
Budapest Business School

14. Why is the fee being collected in September 2019 for an International Immersion which will happen in 2020-21 when I am in PGP-2?

MICA has to plan in advance and pay the required fees to the partner international institution and both institutions have to make logistics arrangements (travel, housing) in advance for getting the lowest cost.

15. Will there be a refund of the fees collected for International Immersion be adjusted - if the same doesn't happen?


16. What happens in case, more than 25 students sign up? Will there be a selection process?

First-come-first-served principle will apply. We will request the international university partner for expanding the group size and/or consider two batches in case a larger number of students sign up

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