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The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Media and Entertainment Management will include lectures and learning material on the following topics.

  1. Introduction to Media and Society

  2. Media Ecosystem

  3. Business and Economics of Media

  4. Brands – how brands are communicating with consumers today

  5. Media Mix - Strength of Each Media Platform

  6. Business of Media - Print, Events, Radio, Television, Animation-Gaming-VFX, Films, OOH, Sports

  7. Cost Functions - Media Platforms

  8. Revenue Functions - Media Platforms

  9. Distribution Functions - Media Platforms

  10. Consumer behaviour and Insights

  11. Communication Planning, Media planning and buying. Audience

  12. Integrating Digital, POE Media, Programmatic buying, Importance

  13. The importance of content. Paid content and consumer generated

  14. Media Laws and Ethics

  15. Sales Practices in M&E Industry

  16. Business of Print - Indepth Understanding

  17. Business of Radio - Indepth Understanding

  18. Business of TV - Indepth Understanding

  19. Business of Digital - Indepth Understanding

  20. Business of Events - Indepth Understanding

  21. Business of Films - Indepth Understanding

  22. Business of Gaming - VFX - Animation - Indepth Understanding

  23. Business of Sports - Indepth Understanding

  24. Media Analytics

  25. Future of Media. Media business challenges

Campus component:

This programme includes a compulsory five-day visit to MICA’s campus. Candidates from outside India can be exempted from this component.

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