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Overview & Pedagogy

The primary method of instruction will be through LIVE lectures that will be delivered online via internet to participant desktops/laptops or classrooms. The lectures will be delivered by eminent faculty from MICA. The entire approach of this programme is to impart domain expertise in market research & data analytics. It will follow a step-by-step approach, in which theoretical concepts will be followed by case studies and practical implementations. Sessions are designed to be interactive and participative. Programme Participants will be encouraged to use statistical packages for working on hands-on case studies. The programme also covers usage of SPSS and SAS, including writing SAS codes and deriving output. All enrolled students will also be provided access to the Cloud Campus through which students may access other learning aids, reference materials and assessments, case studies, projects and assignments as appropriate. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the Professors, real time during the class or offline via the Cloud Campus to raise questions and clear their doubts.

Programme objectives

This programme focuses on building a strong foundation in market research & data analytics for entry-level to mid-level professionals. It will also cover the application of data analytical tools to assist strategic decision-making. The programme leans on practical and conceptual approaches that will be addressed through the sophisticated data analytic software.

It aims at providing a good understanding and a hands-on experience of the application of appropriate data analytic tools that are imperative in making effective decisions.

The programme will give an overview to develop strategies based on the findings from the data, to manage the organization. It will create a working knowledge of the research industry, the role of analytics and its relationship to strategy-building.

The programme has been designed in close consultation with the industry, to prepare entry-level and experienced professionals for a career in market research & data analytics. It is set to provide the right base for working in analytical teams, in large corporations and outsourcing companies.

Course Benefits to Participants

  • Opportunity to earn a PG Certificate from MICA.

  • Certificate of completion awarded by MICA, Ahmedabad.

  • 3 day On Campus module at MICA Ahmedabad during the course of the programme, where students can interact with faculty face to face and also experience the prestigious campus real time.

  • Gain MICA Alumni status on the successful completion of the programme.

  • Develop requisite skills for working in the market research & data analytics industry through use of tools like SAS and SPSS – two of the most popular tools in this area.

  • Develop a sound theoretical framework with insight into practical implementations.

  • Opportunity to learn major aspects of working in the industry.

  • Fully virtual course with LIVE online, instructor led interactive lectures that provides a “real” classroom experience in a “virtual" environment. No isolated learning experience.

  • Convenient schedules for working professionals.

  • Lectures imparted by specially selected, eminent, core faculty from MICA and practicing Industry Experts.

  • Specifically designed for working executives with all the flexibility benefits of Virtual Learning.

  • Quality interactions and increased peer group learning. Virtual classrooms that allow for active interactions with other fellow students and faculty.

Technology Benefits of Talentedge

  • Seamless technology that can transmit lecture videos effectively at home broadband connection of 512 kbps.

  • User friendly and easy to use technology interface. No expensive and time consuming software/hardware installations required at your end.

  • In the event that students miss attending the LIVE lecture on the Virtual Classroom for some reason, students will be granted access to the recorded sessions for a specified number of days/times.

  • TALENTEDGE’s Cloud Campus – Students on our virtual social learning platform are provided access to course presentations, projects, case studies, assignments and other reference materials as applicable for specified courses. Students can raise questions and doubts either real time during the live class or offline through the Cloud Campus.

Learn from Anywhere – No need to travel to an institute or training center. Learning continues even if you are traveling or not available at any specific location. You may also learn from the comfort of your home.

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