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The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Market Research and Data Analytics will include lectures and learning material on the following topics.

1.    Introduction to market research & data analytics

  • Market research

  • Role of market research & data analytics

  • Data analytics for management

  • Data collection - primary and secondary

  • Preparing data sheet & data processing

  • Data summarization: tabulation, cross tabulation, frequency distribution

  • Analysis of variance

2.    Multivariate data analysis-I

  • Regression analysis

  • Simple and multiple regression analysis

  • Logistic regression

  • Cluster analysis

  • Tree classification

  • Factor analysis

3.    Multivariate data analysis-II

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Correspondence analysis

  • Advanced multivariate data analysis – Neural network models & structural equation models

4.    Forecasting methods

  • Moving average and Exponential methods

  • Decomposition method

  • ARIMA models

5.    Emerging trends in Market Research

  • Recent developments and application areas in Marketing Research.

6.    Statistical Packages and Teaching Pedagogy

  • Content will be taught through statistical packages; SPSS/PASW, PSPP, R, and SAS

  • Participants will be given assignments for hands-on learning of packages

  • Case studies will be discussed for some of the topics.

7.    Project

8.    Campus component

There will be one campus visit to MICA. The duration of the visit will be of three days. The campus visit will be compulsory. Dates of campus visit will be in April/May, 2019.

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