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The Mudra Foundation


The Mudra Foundation for Communications Research and Education (MFFCRE) was set up in Ahmedabad in 1991 to provide training in communication– including advertising and related areas – to people so as to equip them thoroughly to practice the art and profession of Communication.

Its vision is to improve the quality of life of the society at large, through a better understanding and development of communication processes in all facets of life, by engaging in appropriate research, education and advocacy. The Foundation became a 'Registered Society' in February 1991, under the Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and as a 'Registered Trust' in February 1991, under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

Mudra Institute of Communications Research (MICORE)

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The Mudra Foundation also intended to establish a dedicated scientific research centre with greater magnitude in a wide spectrum of communication, marketing and other related areas. With a view to provide research and dissemination of all aspects of communication, the foundation set up the Mudra Institute of Communications Research (MICORE) in 2006.

MICORE is the foundation's second venture with an aim to be a paradigm setter in communication research and bring global standards in this field to India. With a driving impetus to build a strong and just consumer and civil society, it is committed to providing communication-centric solutions to the developmental and organisational challenges facing the country.

MICORE is dedicated to the formulation, development, consolidation and promotion of communication research, to empower communities, add value to the industry, government and social institutions, build a greater understanding of the changing nature of communication, develop new resources and skills, and support decision making and public policy.

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