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MICA's third annual ICMC conference ignited scholars' thoughts on the theme of 'Marketing Reborn: Traditions, Trends and Techniques'. This conference offered a broad range of topics on traditions, trends and techniques of marketing through 15 inter-disciplinary sub-tracks. Marketing, in the last few decades has seen a strong growth in technological advancements such as mobile telephony, internet resources, the rise of social media and multi-media messages, and competition that is leading to empowered consumers and significant branding. Hence, this conference, provided a platform to look at Marketing as a discipline and to analyse the age old philosophies, future trends and the techniques relevant today.

The keynote address was delivered by Prof. A. Parasuraman who is a Professor and Holder of the James W. McLamore Chair in Marketing (endowed by the Burger King Corporation) and Director of PhD Programs at the School of Business, University of Miami. The conference featured plenary sessions, industry sessions, paper presentations, poster presentations, and panel discussion.

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