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ICMC 2017 Conference Proceedings

Conference Report

Conference Theme: Media & Entertainment Disruptions And Beyond

Number of Countries participated: 9 (Spain, Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, UK, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, China)

Number of delegates: YRC (Young Researchers’ Consortium – Pre-conference event) - 18 and ICMC- 122

Titles of Academic Sessions (consisting of 4-5 presentations in each session):

  1. The Rise of OTT Platforms

  2. Growing Clout of Social Media

  3. Converging Media and New Media

  4. Journalism and Media Economy

  5. The Era of Storytelling

  6. Film and Video

  7. Social Media and Society

  8. Branding and Social Media

  9. Communication and Society

  10. Communication and Strategy

  11. Media: Content and Programming

  12. Case Studies on Television and Audiences

  13. Emerging Trends in Advertising and Brands

  14. Innovative Marketing and Advertising Strategies

  15. Advances in Advertising Practices

  16. Marketing Practices in Indian Cinema

  17. The Emerging World of Games

  18. Decoding Emerging Audiences: Cartoon and Sports

  19. Media literacy and Entertainment Industry

  20. Disruptions in Media and Entertainment

Panel discussions by Stalwarts from different domains:

  1. Methods and Methodologies

  2. Content and Publishing

  3. The Indian Television Marketing Indigenous Civilization in the 21st Century

  4. Awareness, Acts and Effects of Media Piracy - A Consumer Perspective

  5. Transformational Leadership in a Disruptive World

Five Workshops by renowned experts from media and entertainment industry:

  1. Content Editing

  2. Digital Disruption & the New Innovation Landscape

  3. Global Hollywood and the Rise of Chollywood

  4. Community Content Generation: Why and How

  5. How to Get Published

Invited Speakers:

  1. David Craig, Clinical Assistant Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, USA

  2. Jonathan Aronson, Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, USA

  3. Patricia Lee Dorff, Editorial Director, Council on Foreign Relations, USA

  4. Prabu David, Dean, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University, USAw

  5. Sumir Lal, Director, Strategic Communication, World Bank, USA

  6. Bhaskar Das, Executive Director, D B Group, India

  7. Tarun Katial, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network, India

  8. MK Anand, Managing Director, Times Television Network, India

  9. Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder, Witty Feeds, India

  10. Laxmi Pratury, Founder & CEO, INK, India

  11. Udit Sheth, Founder & Managing Director Transstadia, India

  12. Kandaswamy Bharathan, Executive Director, Kavithalayaa Productions, India

The conference witnessed enthusiastic participation by academics, practitioners and even students across the three days. The cultural programs – musical evening by Kabir Café and Community Entertainment by CDMC Team - were very well received. There was a Haat also organized by CDMC team which was a delight for participants.

The success of the conference was greatly facilitated by a host of esteemed organizations who served as partners and sponsors. Their details are:

Academic Partner: USC Annenberg, USA

Publishing Partner: Intellect, UK

Digital Partner: MXM India

Hospitality Partner: Grand O7, India

Sponsors: ProQuest, TalentEdge, Beegees Computers, APSA

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