What is Litcomm?

People perceive MICA as a 'creative' school. We validate this perception by encouraging creativity from all students on campus, whether it is in the form of poetry, prose, photography or art. Also, events such as quizzes bring out the competitive spirit amongst the students, when they go head to head in proving their mettle.

Roles and Responsibility:

There are three major roles in the committee, namely the Editor, the Creatives and Events & Logistics.

Primarily responsible for 2 publications - Blackcoffee, the literary magazine, and the annual Yearbook. Apart from the publications there are literary events such as the MICA Quiz Championships (MQC)

However, we want to play an active part in introducing other literary events to MICA such as debating and JAM, and want to formulate an inter-collegiate literary fest.

What are the perks of being in the committee?

The major perk is that becoming a part of other people's creativity and showcasing it to the world is a tremendous high. This has been a very successful year with the first MQC getting a roaring response, and the release of the first Blackcoffee since 2007.

How is the committee formed?

The committee firstly takes expressions of interest from students, who are then given a task as a prerequisite to the interview on the basis of which they are asked questions during the final interview. These tasks are either written (story/blog entry) or design (design a cover page on a theme etc.) based. Then the final interview takes place where the candidate may/may not be given another ad-hoc task, after which the team is selected.

What are the committee's future plans?

Future of LitComm lies in the hands of the to-be senior team; it's their vision for the committee that will help it grow from strength to strength.

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