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Venture Name: Srujanika

Campus Entrepreneurs: Amit Sahoo, Nirav Khandhadia and Shwetha Ravindran

Srujanika is a project initiated by a team of highly motivated individuals aimed at making a significant difference in the field of education in India.
India has the second-largest education system in the world in terms of the sheer number of students, after China.

However the major cause of concern in the Indian public education system is its low quality of delivery. We notice that the number of dropouts from school has increased over the years. A significant reason for this is that due to improper pedagogy, and insipid syllabi, children lose interest in studies. We believe this can be alleviated if we bring in more creative methods to educate children in schools. This is the base on which project Srujanika was developed. Srujanika is intended to improve the standard of education in the underprivileged parts of India.

Apart from that this project intends to look at the opportunity in schools for film animation and media education to become a part of mainstream curricula. This will help in developing skilled and creative resources in different parts of India, which can match the quality of world class animated products.
We plan to take a pan-Indian tour introducing this new concept across different schools. With this tour across the length and breadth of the country, we will be:

  • Promoting children films and educational content

  • Encouraging filmmakers to produce more films in this genre for national and regional audiences

  • Helping make children films, open source contents and other educational supplements more accessible to schools

  • Introducing film and education as a part of regular curricula

  • Collaborating with schools which will facilitate the sharing of best practices implemented

  • Finding ways for schools with limited funding - rural schools - to be equipped with necessary hardware

Venture Name:

Campus Entrepreneur: Chirag Rathod is an idea that brought together a group of young and enterprising individuals in 2009- An idea that is dedicated to offer book lovers an ever increasing number of book titles at really low prices.

We have a host of books on subjects ranging from Music to Modern Arts, Buddhism to Batman… If there is a book written, with a story similar to your life, chances are that you’ll find it at Booksvilla!

What makes Booksvilla unique amongst a cluster of book sites is our Online Book Exchange Programme that allows book lovers to exchange books with each other. This not only makes your Booksvilla experience interesting but also makes it a lot more interactive.

We also use the latest technology for our site and work with ‘best in the business’ logistics service providers with the intention of giving you an unmatched book buying experience online.

Like they say, the customer is king!

Venture Name: Digital Upstarts

Campus Entrepreneurs: Nitin Jain, Drashti Buch and Abhishek Vaidyanathan

“Evolve digitally” is what we promote and we do, we help brands get to the right target audience on the social networks and other digital mediums.

We believe that every brand deserves its space online. Therefore we specially understand and recognize the need to cater to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). We are Digital Upstarts, a spunky, innovative and fresh new digital communication consultancy and a start up by MICA EDC.

We do not believe in just one time 'dhamakedar' strategies but we also believe in long term building of the brand in a way that it is consistent, experimental and reinventing itself online as per the changing trends of the consumer

We provide you with complete digital and social media solutions to ensure brands converse and are visible amongst their target audience! At Digital Upstarts, we believe in giving our clients, results and just results.

Venture Name: Zeus International

Campus Entreprenuer: Keshav Bhatia

Zeus International is a venture into the domain of corporate training. It partners corporates to help identify need gaps and strengthen talent in their employees so as to synergise efforts towards a common goal. This ultimately helps the corporate group to become a better employer brand and attract the right talent as it grows.

Venture Name:

Campus Entrepreneur: Ritika Singh is an interactive web portal for parents and kids. The motto of this web portal is that every kid is an ‘achcha bachcha’!

The portal seeks to give working parents a platform to interact with their kids and motivate them, write appreciative remarks, give them badges, record stories and poems in their voices so that the children can hear them in their absence, play games with kids even when they are in office; in short, the concept behind the website is to help parents spend virtual time with their children when they cannot spend real time with them, and give them innovative ready-to-use options on every aspect of raising children.

The web portal will have a separate login for parents and children. Parents will get the opportunity to interact with other parents, where as children will be able to interact with their parents only. There will be games, stories, educative videos, and songs to keep the children hooked, and for parents there will be titbits on child nutrition, innovative and quick tiffin recipes, expert help and other features.

The site will be a one-stop-shop for parents and children between the age of 6- 12.

Venture Name: CityOffers

Campus Entrepreneurs: Atul Jain, Sapan Kadakia

CityOffers is the ‘bargain maker’ of your city. We bring YOU incredible deals from local businesses with up to 90% discounts on services like restaurants, spas, health clubs and travel, movies, clubs and performances; and retailers like cosmetic brands, apparel, and electronics. By aggregating your purchasing power, we strike the most exclusive deals and discounts with the retailers of your city, and then like a friend, philosopher & guide, give you directions on availing the offers.

At CityOffers, our motto is "Shop, Share, Save". We believe that with rising incomes and greater purchasing power, Indian consumers are spending more on shopping. At the same time, they want to share the fun with their friends, family, social circle and we will help them enjoy the experience of shopping and sharing, with more saving. That will again cause them to shop more, so it is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. We believe that this way, we will also contribute to the economic growth of the country and we will move towards being a developed economy.

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