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Cost of the Programme (28th Batch Year 2018-2019)

Tuition Fees: Rs.3,60,000/-
Boarding and Lodging: Rs.1,78,000/-
Alumni membership: Rs.5,000/-
Caution Deposit: Rs.10,000/-
Other academic and administrative costs (this includes study material, internet connectivity, medical and personal accident insurance, library fees etc.):  Rs.1,16,450/- 
Total cost of the programme: Rs.7,87,251/-. (Including GST).

MICA Scholarships

For the first time in its 23 year history, MICA launched scholarships to its students in the academic year 2014-15. In the words of Dr.Nagesh Rao, the then President and Director, MICA “Higher education is expensive and many families have to take substantial bank loans to realise their children’s education dreams. MICA has launched this scheme to encourage students coming from lower income groups to apply to MICA and its programmes”. This is MICA’s small yet significant contribution towards a social cause and helping needy and meritorious students in their pursuit of higher education”.

The MICA Scholarships are awarded based on the students overall academic performance and family income. The scholarships are being awarded to students currently pursuing studies at MICA and benefit students both of the 2-year flagship programme Post-Graduate Diploma in Management - Strategic Marketing and Communication (PGDM(C) and the 1-year Crafting Creative Communication Certificate Programme (CCC). The process of evaluating and awarding the Scholarships is detailed and rigorous.

The criterion for selection is based on:

  • Students academic performance and class attendance record

  • Family Background

  • Family Income not exceeding Rs. 5 lacs per annum

  • Scrutiny of Income-Tax Returns and Bank Statements of previous years

  • Other achievements

The Selection Process involves:

  1. Notification & Announcement among students inviting applications

  2. Preliminary scrutiny of applications and financial documents by a Special Committee

  3. Interview & Interaction with the shortlisted students

  4. Final recommendation of candidates to Director with comments

  5. Official notification of the final selected students

In all 11 Scholarships are awarded which include 5 from the PGDM(C) – 1st Year, 5 from the PGDM(C) 2nd Year and 1 from the CCC programme. Each account for 30% of the annual fees per student in the programme. The total funds set aside for this noble cause is Rs.20-25 lacs with each of the 11 students chosen standing to receive Rs.2.00/2.25 lacs (approx.) by way of scholarship.

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