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Taking advantage of technology, the pedagogy will be highly interactive. The programme will be a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes, assignments etc.

Programme benefits

  • A successful career in marketing communication and advertising management.

  • Numerous opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with industry professionals, thereby building an enhanced learning environment.

  • Gain a working knowledge of the advertising business, the role of advertising and its relationship to marketing and how advertising plans are developed from initial concepts to finished creatives and media plans.

  • A PG Certificate awarded by MICA.

There are two forms of online education that are predominant- the asynchronous mode and the synchronous mode. Asynchronous implies purely posting data on the web. The advantage of this mode is that one can target an international audience. The synchronous mode is in real time, which happens predominantly through video conferencing.

Currently, we intend to start with real time education, which will help us in creating content for the asynchronous mode. The real time delivery works in partnership with a global online education organisation. This organisation has several franchises across the country. Essentially these franchises are computer labs, connected through a central server to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with us. The organisation sets up a studio on the campus which is connected to the same VPN. The faculty goes to the studio on campus, delivers the session and the participants attend it at the franchisee locations. Thus we can have a participant in Bangalore attending the session simultaneously with a participant from Jammu and Kashmir.

This setup expands the reach and due to no constraint on physical infrastructure, there can be a large audience.

Methodology curriculum

The sessions will be delivered from the MICA Campus Studio, Ivory Studio, Delhi & Mumbai and other locations. The platform offers a powerful user interface, enabling a large number of geographically distributed students to have a highly interactive 'one-to-one' exchange with the faculty. The system incorporates live broadcast video, two-way audio and data interactivity, to enable the student to watch and interact with the faculty via their PCs. The classes will be made available across the country through e-learning. The participants can also opt to connect from home.

Duration: The program will be spread across the year with sufficient breaks for preparation, major festivals and to accommodate faculty availability

Timing: Thursday & Friday - 7:30am to 9:00am

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