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Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre (KEIC)

MICA KEIC is an exclusive centre for advertising, media, marketing and related information. It extends information support to marketers, ad agencies, media houses, management institutes and researchers. MICA is proud of its hi-tech library i.e. KEIC and "KEIC online"- a portal which functions 24/7. The KEIC's database helps in decision-making, defining future strategies, making new business presentations and understanding the market.

We subscribe to many forums like Advertising Research Foundation – ARF (Membership), Cannes Lions Archive, Communication and Media Studies – Sage, Euromonitor International, Harvard Business Publishing Cases (HBP),, Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS), J-Gate, JSTOR, World Advertising Research Centre (WARC).

The specialised online collections cover numerous television commercials, newspaper clippings on areas ranging from advertising, mass media and internet to marketing, print ads and student dissertations and summer reports. Information is an important tool for decision-making, research and education. KEIC has an effective information management system in place to retrieve information at any given point of time. KEIC is a unique place for knowledge and research in Strategic Marketing and Communication.

Objective of KEIC

The main objective lies in serving the MICA fraternity and to serve the advertising industry, market research agencies, marketers, media houses, management institutes etc.

The Rationale

Information exchange is the essential element of any teaching and research programme and continuous upgrading of knowledge base, latest research and state-of-art information is very necessary. KEIC provides all these with references for research and reading material and interlinking this with other information sources.

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